Durat colours

Durat´s colour chart is very extensive, with more than 300 colours, including almost all the colours on the RAL Classic colour chart. Durat’s striking, distinctive illusion of depth is achieved by mixing in crushed recycled plastic during production.

By adding Durat’s colour speckles, base colours can be used to create new colour combinations. The colours are divided into two price categories:

1. Base colours and small speckles

2. Large colour speckles and Durat Palace Collection

Seven options for small colour specles: black, white, black-and-white, grey, mixed grey, sparse multicolour, dense multicolour

Four options for large terrazzo-inspired speckles: clear, black, multicolour, white

We always add some speckles of colour to the darkest colours, as even minor scratches or any stains are more visible on plain dark surfaces than textured one. The speckled texture makes the colour more user-friendly.

Even small wear and scratches are easily visible in darker colours. We do not advise to use them on surfaces subject to heavy mechanical wear.

Large speckles are less visible on sinks than on countertops. As a result, it will match in tone and colour, but will not have a perfectly uniform appearance with the speckle pattern.


Durat Palace Collection

Shimmering colour speckles made of natural minerals are the core of the Durat Palace colour collection. Sparkling speckles highlights the 3D effect of the recycled pattern. The mineral pigments are manufactured in a Dutch paint mill, which was founded in the 17th century and operates in an old windmill. This is where masters of the Dutch Golden Age, such as Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh, acquired their paints.

The Durat Palace collection has sixteen different colour combinations. In addition to gold and bronze, the colour speckles shimmer with shades like ruby red, emerald green and turquoise.

Durat Palace was born through the collaboration of Durat and the MOST Collective, an international design agency.


Custom colour for the Baltic Sea

Durat's Baltic Sea D0730-JNS is a custom colour sold for the benefit of the John Nurminen Foundation. Colour has a terrazzo-inspired texture and a pale grey base colour speckled with blue accents. The overall appearance is light. This texture is the perfect choice when furniture calls a fresh, marine look.

Baltic Sea is an even more ecological choice than usual, as a ten per cent of the sales revenue is used for the Baltic Sea conservation via John Nurminen Foundation.


Customise your colour

In addition to our many standard colours, we can also produce custom colours and patterns according to the customer's wishes and needs. We can customise the base colour and the selected colour speckles. The sizes of these speckles can also be slightly modified.

Customisation enables you to get Durat products that precisely match e.g. special brand colours.

We always provide customised samples to help in choosing the desired colour. Approximately one week must be allowed for tinting.

The cost of the custom colour service is €500–1500, depending on the complexity of the job.