Aurinkopaneelit: uusi askel kohti kestävämpää Durat-tuotantoa
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Solar panels a new step toward more sustainable Durat production

140 Solarvoima solar panels have been installed on the roof of Durat’s Rymättylä plant. Their rated power output is approximately 50 kW. This provides roughly 10-15% of the entire power supply required by the plant.

The number of panels will be increased in early 2023, thus bringing the power output to approximately 150 kW. After this increase, approximately 40% of our total power need will come from solar power.

Solar panels are an outstanding alternative for Durat, as the plant is located in the archipelago in Naantali, which is known for its exceptionally high number of sunny days. All of the electricity required by Durat’s production plants is now produced entirely with renewable energy sources.