Durat Circular Service

Aiming for the closed material loop

We buy back used Durat furniture and offcuts

The goal of the Durat Circular service is to ensure that the products have as long a lifecycle as possible to guarantee a closed material loop. The main way to extend the lifecycle is to refurbish Durat furniture taken out of use and resell them as Circular products for use in a new site. We buy back all old Durat furniture at around five per cent of the purchase price.

If the products being returned can be used in a new site by refurbishing them and slightly modifying their size where needed, they are resurfaced, cut to the desired size and sold on the web store as affordable Circular products. Parts not suitable for use in Circular furniture are crushed and used as a raw material for new sheets.



We buy back all offcut pieces from furniture manufacturers. The offcuts are crushed and reused as a raw material for the new manufacturing pieces. The goal is to minimise material waste and achieve our recycling target of 100 %.

Surplus pieces produced by fabrication in Durat's in-house woodworking shop are already fully reused right now.

In 2022, we bought back 3035 kilos of offcuts from furniture manufacturers. This produced enough recycled granulates for approximately 200 new Durat sheets.

Photo: Christian Jakowleff & Päivi Helander
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Return box included with delivery

We send a cardboard box together with the sheet orders for Finnish furniture manufacturers. Any Durat offcuts produced can be collected and returned to our plant in Rymättylä. We pay 50 cents per kilogram for returns.

CEO Heikki Karppinen, Durat:

"This also means furniture manufacturers will not have to pay any waste fees for the offcuts and ensures that usable goods don't end up in a landfill."

Hotel Torni - Durat Circular case

Hotel Torni is a landmark luxury hotel in the center of Helsinki that is being renovated in 2020. When the complete renovation of Helsinki's famous landmark Hotel Torni began in early 2020, we removed the Durat bathroom units used in the hotel since 2004, more than 15 years. The unique units are designed by Pirkko-Liisa Topelius just for the Hotel Torni.

We refurbished the furniture and sold it as Durat Circular products. After the renovation the units were almost as good as new. The dimensions of unit can also be slightly modified afterwards to fit different spaces.

By recycling the furnishings of the Hotel Torni, we ensured not only the principles of the circular economy, but also the preservation of interesting Finnish hotel history for generations to come.

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Hotel Torni / Photo: Mikael Soininen
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Photo: Mikael Soininen

Circular products

Durat Circular products are sold only in Finland.