Collection: Undermount kitchen sinks

Durat's prefabricated easy-care kitchen sinks, together with Durat solid surface kitchen worktops, provide a seamless and hygienic unit.

The main advantages of Durat solid surface sinks are:

Because of the seamless integration, the entire unit is sanitary.
Homogenouss - inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and prevents stains from penetrating.
Durability - robust and resistant substance.
Plastic-based composite. During the fabrication process, no hazardous silicon dioxide or silica dust is created.
Easy care - cleaning only requires soap and warm water.
Maintenance - scratches can be removed by sanding.
Certifications - Environmental Product Declaration, M1 Classification (the M1 label of the product indicates that the product is low-emitting and that its use promotes healthy indoor air quality.)
Warranty - 15-year material warranty and 5-year warranty on bespoke goods.

    ”Porta dei Colori” at Alcova, Milan Design Week 2024

    Our manifesto installation celebrates the combination of circular economy, creativity and beauty in a striking dialogue with the historic architecture of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi.

    Concept and design by designer Linda Bergroth.

    The installation is created from a collage of 27 colours and patterns.