The world's first material combining recycled PET resin and recycled solid surface, Durat Plus contains up to 80 % recycled materials

Durat Plus is the world’s first commercially available solid surface material combining recycled PET resin and recycled solid surface. Durat Plus, developed by Durat, can use any manufacturer's solid surface as a raw material. The resin is made from recycled PET plastic, as used in plastic bottles.

Durat Plus contains up to 80% recycled materials. Its carbon footprint is about half that of a traditional Durat.

Maailman ensimmäinen PET-hartsia ja kierrätettyä komposiittimateriaalia yhdistävä Durat Plus -komposiitti sisältää noin 80 prosenttia kierrätysmateriaalia.

Durat Plus has a distinctive appearance, which is different from the traditional Durat: the uniform base colour is filled with speckles made of recycled solid surface. The first edition Durat Plus white, has a fairly uniform overall appearance, with a very subtle texture.

Durat Plus -komposiitti on syntynyt oman kehitystyömme tuloksena

Strengthening the circular economy

Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in in-house material development. Durat Plus is the first major result of a material development effort to improve the circular economy.

The aim is to implement the circular economy more effectively in all operations and significantly reduce its climate impact. One of the ways to advance the circular economy is to increase the share of recycled materials. The objective is to make use of a wide array of pre- and post consumer recyclable materials and develop a 100% closed material loop.

Now that we also recycle other manufacturers' surplus and end-of-life furniture, we will be able to have a much broader impact on the plastic waste problem.

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