Suunnittelijan valinta: Designer Kaori Pi
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Designer's choice: Designer Kaori Pi

The Durat Palace collection is luxury made by recycling

The Durat Palace colour collection comes from an idea hatched by Kaori Pi of design firm Most Collective where genuine earth pigments are combined with the recycled plastic Durat composite. Kaori has a connection with a pigment producer that has an exceptionally long experience in the manufacture of earth pigments. Even the masters of the Dutch Golden Age, from Rembrandt to van Gogh, have used the same pigments in their works.

“We used earth pigments ground in a 17th century windmill in Zaandam. By mixing the colour speckles with the Durat composite, we achieved a terrazzo-like pattern, whose coloured speckles gleam like satin jewels thanks to the pigments,” Kaori explains.

The Durat Palace color collection was born from the idea of Kaori Pi of the design agency Most Collective to combine genuine natural color pigments with the Durat composite made from recycled plastic. Kaori had a connection with a color manufacturer who has a uniquely long experience in the production of color pigments. Even the masters of the Dutch Golden Age, from Rembrandt to van Gogh, have used the same color pigments in their works.


Shimmering natural colours

“The natural pigments shimmer in a thousand subtle shades. It gives an entirely different impression than commercially produced pigments. The glittering speckles beautifully enhance the three-dimensional sense of depth in Durat,” describes Kaori.

Kaori became interested in Durat when she learned that the material is made with post industrial plastic waste.

“The idea to combine natural minerals with this recycled product came to life after my experience working in natural dyes with plants and minerals for use in painting and textiles. I rushed to make my idea real right when I understood how scarce, non-renewable natural resources, marble and granite are being quarried for use as home furnishing materials. I started investigating whether it would be possible to combine the natural glitter of natural materials with this durable, recyclable material.”


A chocolatier's masterpiece

Kaori previously worked as a chocolatier, which helped her understand how different “ingredients” could be combined to create an experience that would delight the senses. The feedback received on the Palace collection compares the colour samples to sweets nearly every day. “Looks good enough to eat!” is often the first comment made regarding the collection.

“I love working with this kind of material, which is truly responsible: Durat’s production is constantly being developed in a more ecological direction - the product is recyclable and, thanks to its properties, is incredibly durable.

The deliciously colourful and silky Palace collection raises the profile of sustainable materials. It is proof positive that even luxury goods can be made by recycling.

“I think it’s wonderful that someone can fall in love with the beauty of a product and then find out that it’s also an ecological choice. Palace is like the proverbial cake - you can have it and eat it, too!” Kaori proclaims with a smile.