Habitarematerials ja Durat vetosivat Design-viikolla Milanossa
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The Habitarematerials exhibition and Durat attracted tremendous interest during Milan Design Week

More than 90,000 trade professionals visited the Alcova showcase

The Habitarematerials exhibition, which debuted at Milan Design Week and the 14 Finnish material manufacturers featured at the exhibition, received a wonderful reception at the Alcova showcase, which was one of the highlights of the Milan event this year.
A staggering 90,000 professionals visited Alcova during the week. Habitarematerials, with a prime location in the showcase, has enjoyed plenty of exposure in leading international media in the field, from Dezeen to Elle Decor Italy and Intern.

The meeting between an international design audience and 14 Finnish material manufacturers at Milan Design Week, from 17 to 23 April 2023, had an ideal setting. The Habitarematerials exhibition greeted visitors to the Alcovan immediately after the entrance. Alcova showcase of more than 90 projects had been built on an abandoned industrial area.

"The location of Habitarematerials was absolutely ideal, we couldn't have got a better place. Alcova was an inspiring entity in the most interesting location in Milan. We met a lot of our current customers and distributors at the booth, and we got interesting new contacts," sums up Durat CEO Heikki Karppinen."

“At Alcova there were plenty of ideas and materials in a setting of reclaimed buildings. Amazing concept with a positive impact on the city. Alcova was a marketplace for ideas and concepts - recycling, reuse and sustainability were very much in the forefront. Alcova was a refreshing contrast to the fiera part of Salone de Mobile.”


Material library offer the sense of touch

Designed and curated by NEMO architects, the Habitarematerials exhibition is an experiential and inspiring material library, based on the concept of democratising design. The Milan edition of the exhibition, which was first seen at Habitare in 2019, featured materials from 14 responsible Finnish companies and invited the international design audience to learn more.

“It is a pleasure to bring beautiful and responsible Finnish construction and interior design materials to the attention of an international design audience. Finnish manufacturers have ecologically sustainable solutions, combined with sustainable design and product expertise that stands up to international comparison”, say Jussi Laine and Maria Klemetti Laine of NEMO architects.

“The showing of Habitarematerials at Alcova came at just the right time and, amid all things digital, enabled visitors to experience what is at the heart of design: seeing, touching, and experimenting with materials. The focus was where it should be – right on the materials”, says the Creative Director of Habitare, Laura Sarvilinna.

In addition to being displayed as samples, the materials of Finnish companies at Habitarematerials Milan were featured in the exhibition furnishings that introduced sculptural elements to the exhibition space. Durat and Nordic Copper materials were also featured in Alcova’s two bars, called material bars, which remain in the area for the duration of the summer to bring joy to the Milanese at summer events.

The exhibition featured 14 Finnish companies: Cover Story, CWP, Durat, Johanna Gullichsen, Karava, Nordic Copper, Novo Wood, Pihlgren & Ritola, Sera Helsinki, Stala, Luonnonbetoni, Laatupaneeli, Tulikivi and VMCarpet.