Hanna Anonen suunnitteli Duratista veistoksellisen Facades-sarjan
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Hanna Anonen designed the sculptural "Facades" from Durat

Colourful vases and organizers on display at the Lauch Pad exhibition at WantedDesign Manhattan

Durat proudly announces its newest collaboration with the versatile visionary, Hanna Anonen, at the WantedDesign Manhattan and Finnish Consul’s Residence in New York May 19-21st. Company dedicated to repurposing waste plastic into high-quality design materials, Durat seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and superior craftsmanship in its products, and as part of New York Design Week, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves at exclusive event in Durat's latest design collection, designed by Hanna Anonen, who fearlessly pushes the boundaries of design.


Introducing the "Facades" collection

These contemporary organizers, "Facades," are made from Durat solid surface made of recycled plastic. Collection combine style with functionality. Versatile in use, they tastefully display flowers, gather desktop essentials, and elevate kitchen wooden spoons. The sleek granulated finish not only appeals to modern aesthetics, but also stands for environmental responsibility. Durat's commitment to using recycled plastic ensures that each piece embodies a progressive approach to sustainability. "Facades" redefines utility with limited-edition charm by reusing excess materials from production. This concept demonstrates a harmonious blend of cutting-edge design and eco-conscious living. The collection is available in our online store.


Hanna Anonen - A versatile visionary redefining design

Known for her versatility, Hanna Anonen's design journey encompasses a diverse spectrum ranging from spatial design to the creation of exquisite home furnishings. Her portfolio demonstrates a mastery of multiple mediums, with a particular focus on furniture and smaller objects that enhance everyday living spaces. Anonen's adept use of painted wood sets her creations apart, with each piece embodying a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, unexpected concepts, and an unmistakable sense of playfulness.

In her quest to reinvent the landscape of Finnish modern design, Hanna Anonen has garnered international attention for her distinctive approach to design. Her work not only challenges conventions, but also breathes new life into the perception of contemporary design.




Launch Pad at Wanted is an outstanding international platform for emerging designers that introduces new concepts and showcases prototypes of furniture, home accessories and lighting. It is the best place for manufacturers to meet new designers, discover fresh ideas and potential products to develop. Each of the two categories, Furniture/Home Accessories and Lighting, features international pre-selected design studios and independent designers. Curated by WantedDesign

NYXDESIGN: Colourful night in Consul General's residence

The Finnish Design Embassy event, organised during New York Design Week, attracted more than a hundred architecture and interior design journalists to the Finnish Consul General's residence in Manhattan to learn about the latest in Finnish design. The event featured the presentation of the "Facades" vases by Hanna Anonen made of Durat material.

Also on display were colourful carpets and interior textiles from Finnish manufacturer Finarte. New, Finnish environmentally conscious design delighted the audience.


The event was hosted by the Consul General of Finland in New York, Ambassador Jarmo Sareva and Jaana Sareva. Finarte was represented by CEO Larissa Immonen and Durat products were presented by Hanna Anonen and Durat's US distributor Rob Hacker from CaraGreen.