Itämeripäivän villiruokaperinne sai jatkoa
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The wild food tradition of the Baltic Sea Day was continued

We celebrated the Baltic Sea Day launched by the John Nurminen Foundation for the fourth time with the delicacies of wild food guru Sami Tallberg. Tapas lunch was served at our newly expanded showroom on Albertinkatu, Helsinki.

Sami's tapas not only tasted great but also looked great.

The menu also sounded delicious:

Purple Haze

Pumpkin, almond and sage

Potatoes from Rymättylä and pike fondue

Blueberries and matcha



The event was very popular. At lunch time on a rainy day, there was a tight and happy atmosphere. We had room for 50 guests and unfortunately not everyone who wanted could join.

Durat donated 10 euros on behalf of each participant in the event to the John Nurminen Foundation's Baltic Sea rescue work through the Durat team created on the Save a Piece of the Baltic Sea website.

You can make a donation yourself through the team. Durat pays a bonus of 10 euros for your donation.


Let's save the Baltic Sea together

Durat has been involved in supporting the John Nurminen Foundation's meritorious work for a cleaner Baltic Sea for four years already. And our cooperation continues.

The wild fish like included in wild food guru Sami Tallberg's tapas play an important role in cleaning the Baltic Sea. By fishing, a significant amount of nutrients that nourish the Baltic Sea can be recycled from the sea to the land - in Finland, fishing removes more than 700 tons of phosphorus from waterways every year. In addition, sustainably caught domestic fish is a climate-friendly alternative to intensively produced meat or imported fish.

The Baltic Sea Day, initiated and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of August with various events and activities. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important maritime topics and inspire concrete actions for the benefit of the Baltic Sea. The day celebrates the diversity and immeasurable value of the sea. In addition to the celebration, the goal is to increase knowledge about the nature, culture and history of the sea.