Linda Bergrothin suunnittelema installaatio Alcovassa
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Milan Design Week 2024, April 15-21

Durat presents "Porta dei Colori"

Text: Fabio Di Liberto

Our manifesto installation celebrates the combination of circular economy, creativity and beauty. Visit Alcova and experience a striking dialogue with the historic architecture of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. Concept and design by designer Linda Bergroth.


Meet us at Milan Design Week with the installation "PORTA DEI COLORI." At Alcova, in the fascinating setting of the ancient Villa Bagatti Valsecchi immersed in the lush greenery of a beautiful park.

In an exciting fusion of design and beauty, the installation is a polyphony of bold colors and essential forms. Almost a work of abstract art, it juxtaposes geometric elements in different scales, to become true architectural walls, and furniture that seems to emerge plastically from the material. "PORTA DEI COLORI" rises between the columns of the North Gate of Milan's Lazzaretto, relocated in the late 1800s to the exterior of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. Durat benches in saturated colours, spaced throughout the park, visually guide visitors to the installation.


“For personal and historical reasons, it seems meaningful to set up Durat's installation in Milan and in the surroundings of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. Like the Durat material based on recycled plastic, the Lazzaretto’s Porta Nord as a building is 'upcycled'. “

“The installation intertwines both my own vision as a designer and Durat's role as a material manufacturer in a longer arc as part of a continuum of architecture and design", says Linda Bergroth.


Creative and versatile circular economy

In harmony and at the same time in inspiring contrast with the historic architecture that hosts it, PORTA DEI COLORI recounts Durat's research around a sustainability generating surprising and extremely versatile creative solutions. A vast palette of more than 300 colours, enhanced by original grit effects for ever-changing patterns. Warm, silky textures and heat- and water-resistant surfaces for materials and furnishings transversal to every type of contract space, from schools to public bathrooms, from retail to offices, to domestic scenarios, in indoor and outdoor settings. With the added security of EPD certification, which Durat has obtained for its commitment to monitoring and reducing its environmental impact.

The installation is created from a collage of 27 colours and patterns.


The debut of Durat Plus, a new responsible milestone

Prominent within the installation is a large monochrome table made of Durat Plus, marking a major new milestone for the Finnish company's research. Durat Plus is the world’s first commercially available solid surface material combining recycled PET resin and recycled solid surface. The result is a distinctive appearance solid surface containing up to 80% recycled materials.


Alcova exhibition area at:


Room code: A7

Exhibition open from 15 to 21 April 2024 from 11 am to 7 pm
Entrance no later than 6 pm