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We are committed to supporting the freedom of Ukraine

Ukraine is facing another Christmas in the throes of war. We are committed to continuing our support for the freedom of Ukraine.

This year we gave each of our four Ukrainian employees 3000 € to donate freely to their home country’s causes.

Liubov and Ivan chose to support Come Back Alive organization.
The Come Back Alive Foundation has been operational since 2014. Their primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, save the lives of servicemen, and systematically counteract the enemy. To achieve this, the Foundation procures equipment, including thermal optics, drones, vehicles, and surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Come Back Alive is also the first charity organization in Ukraine authorized to purchase and import military and dual-purpose goods.

“The Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding defensive initiatives: supply technology, training, and ammunition. After arriving home from the front line of defense, the troops receive support with sports rehabilitation and the development of veteran-run businesses.”

Edouard directed his donation to KOLO, a team of Ukrainian IT experts who help the Armed Forces of Ukraine maintain a technological advantage over the enemy. KOLO focuses on three areas: optics, air and communication. All the received money goes to purchase hi-tech equipment to the frontline.

“They quickly supply the essential equipment to Ukrainian soldiers in hot spots: helmets and body armor, satellite phones and tactical radio equipment, quadcopters, thermal imagers, and sights.”

Ruslan directed his donation to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All collected funds are directed to enhance Ukraine’s defense capability: weapons, equipment, food, medicine, and other supplies.

On top of these donations, we donated 3,000 € to Voices of Children Foundation continueing our yearly support that started in February 2022.

Voices of Children offer psychosocial support and rehabilitation of children and parents in Ukraine. There are almost no children in Ukraine who were spared by the war. Someone was forced to run away from home, someone was separated from their parents, someone lost the opportunity to receive necessary treatment or rehabilitation. Even the need to periodically hide in bomb shelters during air raids and passively watch war events on the news can strongly affect a child’s psyche. That is why the organization tries to respond to the various needs of children, listen to them and provide help in a timely, professional manner and according to their requests.

You can find an extensive list of vetted organizations to support on the Stand for Ukraine website.