Suunnittelijan valinta: Sisustusarkkitehti Eeva Lithovius
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Designer's choice: Interior architect Eeva Lithovius

Offcuts inspired fun with colours

Eeva Lithovius designed Durat's iconic Raita bench, which can be found in the collections of the Design Museum in Finland.

"The Raita bench draws its inspiration from a piece of traditional Finnish rustic furniture: a simple wooden bench upholstered with a rag rug. Like the rags used to make the rug, Durat is also made using recycled materials, along with the offcuts from the factory. I wanted to keep the bench frame light and minimalistic. Durat's wide range of colors has always fascinated me, and the Raita bench brings it out well."

When Durat started cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation for a clean Baltic Sea, Eeva Lithovius designed a new Baltic Sea color combination from the Raita bench. 10 per cent of the sales revenue of the bench will be donated to the Clean Baltic Sea project.