Durat 12mm keittiötaso, Durat Palace P-001 Greyhound
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Sustainability in the choice of kitchen countertops

Awareness of the environment is also reflected in kitchen design. Values of making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices lead the decision-making increasingly. Manufacturing processes have to be transparent and the environmental impacts of the products traceable. 

In accordance with sustainability, people want their kitchens to have countertops that can be maintained and recycled, if necessary. They are now prepared to invest in high-quality solutions that withstand wear and tear, looking virtually good as new year after year.

Even though the classic, understated colours of the Nordic palette are ever popular, there has recently been a noticeable increase in the choice of soft pastels in particular for kitchen countertops. Nonetheless, bold colours, such as oranges, greens and blues, are also popular with interior designers. The choice of countertop colour can accent the kitchen, bring balance to a decor that is otherwise rich in colour, or create furnishings in solid colour.

The seamlessness makes Durat countertops hygienic and easy to maintain

Durat material is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and sinks. It withstands heavy wear and is easy to clean. Durat is a Finnish composite material that contains recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. 

Compared to other countertop materials, the advantage of composite plastic lies in its seamlessness. Durat can be used to make seamless sink and countertop units of virtually any size. Since dirt and moisture cannot get in the joints, seamless kitchen countertops stay neat and clean. Durat sinks are also seamlessly integrated with the countertops.

Price is influenced by the amount of material used as well as any necessary holes to be made (e.g. for cooker, sink and faucet mounting holes) and the number, shape and thickness of the necessary edge profiles.

When Durat is also used for the backsplash, its connection to the countertop can be rounded so that the unit is seamless, thus negating any need for silicone.



Colours to create a pleasant ambience

Colour choices decisively influence the overall appearance and ambience of a kitchen. Durat has a remarkable range of colours. Combining base colours and terrazzo-inspired speckles results in more than a thousand standard colours. The range includes bold colours as well as bright ones, gentle pastels and subtle, natural Scandinavian-style tones.

Because almost all the colours of the RAL Classic colour chart are also included in the standard Durat collection, furniture and countertops can be made into tonal units if desired.

Combining Durat’s original, distinctive 3D texture with colour speckles makes a user-friendly surface: small stains and food crumbs seem to disappear in the vivid surface. Speckled textures and light shades are especially good for casual kitchen users who do not want to wipe their countertops after every use.

Easy to clean 

Durat has a very dense structure, so it is completely non-absorbent. Every type of stain can always be cleaned, and the surface will not be damaged even by heavy wear and tear. If there is some scratch, it can always be repaired by light sanding.

Liquid dishwashing soap or a similar, mild soap solution is the best choice for daily cleaning. For cleaning tough stains from, for example, seasoning oils or blueberries, we recommend using a magic eraser. In addition to this, mildly abrasive detergents can also be used. For example, dishwasher detergent can be used to clean dirt ingrained in the kitchen sink. If necessary, the detergent can be left to work on the countertop overnight.

We do not recommend moving a hot pot straight off a stove to a Durat surface. A towel or potholder should be placed underneath. However, the material is completely resistant to moisture. It does not absorb liquids left on the surface even for a long time or things like steam from a dishwasher.


Fully refurbishable 

Scratches formed through use can be removed from Durat tops by sanding. Less visible streaks disappear with light hand sanding. Deeper scratches, such as those made with a knife blade, can be repaired by professional power sanding. After sanding, dark or brightly coloured surfaces must be treated with furniture polish or oil. 

We buy back all Durat furniture being taken out of use. It can be refurbished by sanding until it is as good as new. The furniture can then be re-dimensioned to fit and sold as Durat Circular products to new users. If no new user is found for the furniture, it can be crushed into raw material for a new Durat product.