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Subtly elegant or sumptuously striking furniture for restaurants and hotels

Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Designer: KOKO3 / Photographer: Riikka Kantinkoski / Colour: DP001
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Thanks to its formability, sumptuous touch and wide range of colours and patterns, Durat can be used to create understated and impressive furnishings for restaurants and hotels.

Durat is a highly durable material also suitable for use in hotel and restaurant bathrooms and restrooms.

Typical applications in hotels and restaurants include reception and bar countertops, serving countertops, tables, benches and bathroom furniture. Durat is suitable for all kinds of furniture. By gluing and sanding, it can be used to fabricate seamless, easy-care furnishings of any size. 


Hive Restaurant, Selfridges, London / Design: L'Atelier Five / Colour: custom
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Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Designer: KOKO3 / Photographer: Riikka Kantinkoski / Colour: D0290-01
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Restaurant Nando's Peckham, London / Design: STAC Architecture / Fabrication: BSF Solid Surfaces / Colour: R1005-00
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Cocktail bar Soda and Friends, London / Photo: Daniel Sellam / Colour: DP004
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Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Suunnittelu: KOKO3 / Kuva: Riikka Kantinkoski / Väri: DP006
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Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Suunnittelu: KOKO3 / Kuva: Riikka Kantinkoski / Väri: DP001
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Runo Hotel, Porvoo / Design: Studio Joanna Laajisto / Colour: D0100-07
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Design: Minna Jones / Photographer: Sameli Rantanen / Colour: D0270-04
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Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Design: KOKO3 / Photographer: Riikka Kantinkoski / Colour: DP006
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Durat products are also perfect for decorating accessible spaces. Thanks to the bespoke service, the right solution can be found for each special need.

Durat has also developed the EST 100 and EST 200 washbasins together with Avaava Oy, a specialist in accessible environments. The size, shape and colour of both washbasin models can be customised with the entire Durat colour palette. Colourful guide strips can be seamlessly integrated in the washbasin design using the inlay technique.

Support handles can be cut into the vanity top and height adjustable brackets can be installed under the table. In addition to the standard washbasin models, specialised washbasins can also be made according to the customer’s specifications.

In addition to this, the depth of standard Durat washbasins can also be decreased so that wheelchair users have easier access to them.


We buy back all used Durat furniture

Durat furniture is 100% recyclable. Thanks to the Durat Circular service, when the purpose of a space changes, Durat will buy back the furniture being taken out of use. They are fully refurbished and resold as Durat Circular products. If the refurbished furniture does not find a new home, the material will be reused as new Durat raw material.

Cocktail bar Soda and Friends, London / Photo: Daniel Sellam / Colour: DP004
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Restaurant Terzo Piano, Chicago / Design: Dirk Denison Architects / Photo: Michelle Litvin
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Restaurant Nebula Pizza, London / Design: Robert Brown Architectural Solutions / Photo by Daniel Sellam / Colour: DP009
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Safe and hygienic

Durat is a food safe material. It does not leach any toxic substances into food. Durat’s sealed surface keeps it hygienic and easy to clean.

For the indoor climate security, Durat has an M1 Emission Classification. The M1 Classification focuses on emissions from building materials and furniture into the indoor air, setting limit values for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, and ammonia as well as the acceptability of odour. The M1 Classification label on the product indicates that the product is low-emitting, and its use supports good indoor air.

Weather-resistant material

Durat is also an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.

Restaurant tables are made to measure. They can be easily combined with different leg structures.

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Zero Waste Bistro, New York / Design: Linda Bergroth / Photo: Nicholas Calcott / Colour: DP001

Zero Waste Bistro

The Zero Waste Bistro, presented by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, was a pop-up concept that took place during NYCxDESIGN at WantedDesign Manhattan in May 2018.

The incredibly long dining table was made seamlessly from Durat's new Palace Collection colour, DP001 Greyhound.

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Delectable colours

Durat’s colour chart is exceptionally wide. It contains over 300 base colours, including almost all of the colours in the RAL Classic chart. The chart is augmented by eleven speckle alternatives of varying colour and size.

In addition to this, there are sixteen colour combinations available in the Durat Palace Collection. The genuine natural pigments used in the large speckles add a sumptuous glow.

Custom colours can also be tinted according to designer's wishes.

Colour selection

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