Sinks & countertops for bathrooms & toilets

Durable luxury for bathroom furniture

Designer: Linda Bergroth / Photo: Paavo Lehtonen
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Durat is the perfect material for bathroom furniture: vanity units, washbasins or bathtubs. Durat is warm and silky to touch.

With its dense, seamless surface structure and high durability, Durat is hygienic and very easy to keep clean. The surface can also be easily restored by light sanding.


Vanity tops are always made to order by combining sinks and countertops according to the designer’s wishes. The desired sinks can be seamlessly combined with all countertops. Edging can also be fabricated according to each customer’s wishes.

Splashbacks can be made seamlessly with Durat. The seamless joint between the splashback and table top can have a rounded edge, giving it an elegant look and making the surface extremely easy to clean.

Any tap, drain and overflow cover will fit Durat furniture.


Designer: Linda Bergroth / Photo: Paavo Lehtonen / Colours: Wash basin, Kippo D0660-00, vanity top D0730-50, wall R8012-50-53
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Designer: Linda Bergroth / Photo: Paavo Lehtonen / Colours: bathtub D0480-03, wall R6011-04, shelf DP011
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Project: Velox Oy / Design: Minna Jones / Photo: Sameli Rantanen / Colour: D0790-04
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Design: Meja Hynynen / Photo: Mikael Pettersson / Colour: DP014. DP004
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Komposiittimateriaalista valmistettu allastaso
Franz Design, Urban Centre Lippulaiva / Photo: Suvi Laine / Colour: DP007
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Fiia Kaerala / Photo: RT Visuals / Colour: D0560-00
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KOKO3, Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa / Photo: Riikka Kantinkoski / Colour: D0290-01
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Design: Juhan Mikone / Colour: DP004

Vanity tops and washbasins for small bathrooms

Durat vanity tops are perfect for renovation projects and small spaces. They can be sized down to the last millimetre, even in spaces that are out of square.

Durat vanity tops can be installed on top of units or wall mounted with brackets.

We also offer a variety of washbasins, which can be placed on any surface.

sink collection

Silky soft bathtubs

Durat’s distinctive, silky surface and warmth makes bathing an exceptionally relaxing experience.

Durat’s range of bathtubs offer impressive models for both large and small bathrooms. Bathtubs can be integrated with complete sets of furniture, including washbasins and tops.

bathtub collection
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Photo: Fanny Hansson / Colour: R6013-00

Create your own colourway

Durat’s colour chart is exceptionally wide-ranging. It includes everything from subtle, natural tones and soft pastels to bold, bright colours.

By changing the colour speckles it is possible to create entirely new, exciting colour combinations. There are eleven standard speckle alternatives of varying colour and size available.


Durat Palace - sustainable luxury

The core of the Durat Palace Collection are the shimmering speckles made from natural colour pigments, adding a luxurious sparkle to bathrooms.

In addition to gold and bronze, the colour speckles also shine with ruby reds, emerald greens and turquoise, just to name a few. Brass and golden taps pair perfectly with Durat Palace furniture.

Large speckles are less visible on sinks than on countertops. As a result, it will match in tone and colour, but will not have a perfectly uniform appearance with the speckle pattern.

Durat Palace Collection
Photo: Fanny Hansson / Colour: DP011
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Photo: Fanny Hansson / Colour: D0090-08
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Flamingo Spa / Photo: Patrik Rastenberger / Colour: custom
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Shelves or racks made of Durat can make a bold statement in a bathroom, enhancing the impact of its design.

Durat is also a suitable material for various bathroom accessories, such as soap dishes, knobs and handles.

Custom-made benches add the finishing touch to Durat bathrooms.


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