Circular economy pioneer from Finland

Over thirty years in the frontline of circular economy

The principles of the circular economy have guided the Finnish company Durat from the very beginning. Desire to use surplus industrial plastics creatively as the raw material for high-end design products guided the product development already over thirty years ago.

The material contains 30 per cent recycled industrial waste plastics and is 100 per cent recyclable. To ensure material circulation, we buy back all offcuts from fabricators and Durat furniture taken out of use.

Durat has received its first EPD certificate. An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a document which transparently communicates the environmental performance or impact of any product or material over its lifetime. According to the calculations made for the environmental report, Durat's carbon footprint is 3.35 kgCO2e.

Durat is used to create striking and hard-wearing furniture for both private and public use. Wear and tear sustained in use can be fully refurbished.



Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025, when Finland will transition to normative carbon limits for the new construction. In order to achieve this goal, we are reducing our carbon footprint in accordance with the EN 15978 standard. We are also making every effort to significantly enhance our energy consumption, such as by improving the thermal insulation of our plant and the energy efficiency of production.

Only renewable electricity is used in our production. There is 475 solar panels installed on our plant roof, the rated power output is 160 kilowatts. We produce approximately 40 per cent of our total demand for electricity with solar power.

Durat has been chosen to Sitra’s lists: The most interesting companies in the circular economy vol 2.0 and vol 2.1. 

Kuva: Pasi Leino
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Durat Circular products are Durat furnitures that has made it to the second cycle and has been refurbished. Thanks to the easily customizable dimensions and renewable surface, they are easy to place in different environments.

We buy back used Durat furniture, restore and sell it forward. Our goal is to ensure the longest possible life cycle for our products. We pay 5 per cent of the purchase price for used products.

In order to minimize material waste, we buy back Durat surplus pieces from furniture manufacturers. Offcuts are crushed and used as raw material for new Durat.

The offcuts generated in Durat's own production is already fully utilized.

The Durat Circular concept is a new step towards a comprehensive circular economy and a closed material cycle. 


10 million plastic bottles

In 2022, we used 57k kg industrial waste plastic. The amount of recycled plastic used by Durat is equivalent to the weight of approximately 10 million plastic bottles (250 ml).

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Kuva: Christian Jakowleff & Päivi Helander
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Kuva: Christian Jakowleff & Päivi Helander

More than 3000 kilos of offcuts

In 2022, we bought back 3035 kilos of offcuts from furniture manufacturers. This produced enough recycled granulates for approximately 200 new Durat sheets.

We stand for the Baltic Sea

We have cooperated with the John Nurminen Foundation for a clean Baltic Sea since 2019.

Durat's Baltic Sea colour D0730-JNS is sold for the benefit of the John Nurminen Foundation. 10 per cent of the sales revenue is used for the Baltic Sea conservation via John Nurminen Foundation.

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Kuva: Paavo Lehtonen